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Gift Guide: 10 most popular eco toys for each age

To inspire your gifts, here are the 10 eco-toys that are most popular at the moment - overall, or click an age group for our age-specific top-10. Click a photo to view the product. Hope it helps!

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Top-10 overall, not specific to any age

#1. das.Brett bouncy wooden balance / wobble board
Santa's favourite - a healthy gift the whole family will enjoy! A wobble / balance board that's unique in being bouncy, making it popular for teen and adult yoga and fitness, as well as for kids' play. Good up to 120kg / 19 stone bodyweight. Made in Germany from 11 layers of local beechwood and not much else!
das.Brett bouncy wooden balance board / wobble board
#2. Dr Zigs amazing giant bubble kits
2-metre diameter bubbles will make even the Grinch giggle with delight! The bubblemix used by professional bubble performers, plus family-friendly wands and ropes. Made in Wales using sustainable wood, FairTrade unbleached cotton, and the bubblemix comes in concentrate form in already-recycled-and-recyclable-again plastic bottles
My First Giant Bubble Kit
#3. Bioblo
Made in Europe from waste - sawdust and recycled cups. Open-ended, great from babies through about age 9 - ideal for homes with a few kids. Honeycomb-light and precision-cut, they stack metres high without glue or connectors. Dishwasher-able too.
Bioblo eco rainbow stacking blocks - 100 blocks rainbow - Hello Box Rainbow Mix

#4. Rubens Barn eco lines
An earth-kind, soft, empathic doll that will last a childhood of play. And a tree responsibly planted in the doll's name.

  • Mini EcoBuds - friend for babies and littles.
  • Tummies - larger with organic Swedish wheat bag you heat in the oven/microwave or cool in the freezer for a doll that's also warming or cooling.
Rubens Barn mini eco bud - organic cloth empathy doll - with tree planted

#5. Classic wooden toys with a modern neon-pastel twist
Catapults (with pompoms - peaceful catapults!), bowling sets, skipping ropes - including 2-3 person long skipping ropes - yoyos, spinning tops, and our personal favourite: elastics! "England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, inside, outside, on the rails!"...anyone?

Catapult handmade from natural wood and rubber - yellow, coral, mint colours

#6. Eco Bath Bombs
Certified skin-safe, certified to biodegrade in the water treatment system. A bath bomb the shape and colour of each planet in our solar system plus the sun, and a fact sheet to go with each. Also available: cloud / star bath bombs that leave a rainbow tail across the bath.

Eco Bath Bombs: Educational Solar System Set (contains SHRINKWRAP)

#7. BiOBUDDi Bioplastic Pixel / Duplo-compatible blocks

Regular BiOBUDDi is compatible with LEGO Duplo ideal for ages 1.5 to 6 years. BiOBUDDi pixels (in the photo) are like one-dot little LEGO for making pictures, for ages 4 through 10 years. All made in the Netherlands from plants instead of regular petro-plastic. Over 25 sets to choose from.

BiOBUDDi Bioplastic Pixel and Create Starter Kit - 1500 pieces

#8. PlayMais
Made from corn, water and food-grade colourants, these cheerful blogs stick to each other - or to paper - when damp. Meaning the creative, 3D building possibilities are vast! 100% natural, safe and biodegradable. An Earth-kind craft kit unlike any they've tried before.

PlayMais® Classic Fun to Play - DINOSAURS (age 5+) SHRINKWRAPPED

#9. PLAYin CHOC Christmas
Plastic-free cubes / drawers, each with a different Christmas character to build and play, a fact sheet about it, and organic vegan low-sugar plastic-free chocolates. Like a seasonal, plastic-free answer to the Kinder Egg! 4 options: individual cubes, 6-cube giftsets, "12 Days of Christmas" giftset, 24-drawer deluxe Advent Calendar.

PLAYin CHOC Christmas 6-pack gift set

#10. Reusable Christmas crackers
The last set of crackers you'll ever have to buy! Fold flat to store for next year. Fill with meaningful surprises, like family in-jokes, 'Who Am I?' game cards, puzzle pieces, home-made treats, or empty-in a Christmas PLAYin CHOC. Made in the UK, plastic-free.

Reusable Christmas crackers


Our Sustainable Gift Guide for Age 0 / Babies

#1. Wooden rattle "Rattling Croco"

Guaranteed to be tame but irresistible: This lovely Crocodile rattle is the happiest when little hands give his dangling legs and green discs a good rattle. Made from solid wood in Germany it is a perfect first toy for little explorers.  

#2. Rubens Barn Mini Eco Buds

An earth-kind, soft, empathic doll that will last a childhood of play. And a tree responsibly planted in the doll's name. Each Rubens Barn doll is handmade in Sweden - involving over 100 steps! These are a super first gift for babies. 

#3. 100% natural Rubber Bath & Chew Toys

 These toys are safe from birth. No holes = no mold or bacteria can grow inside. Made with natural rubber from Hevea trees, and hand-painted with natural, food-grade dyes. Soft, easy to grasp and safe to chew. Stimulates baby's senses and soothes teething gums.

#4. Handmade in Ireland wooden Cars & Trucks
These wooden cars made by the lovely Michael in Co. Galway are made from sustainable sourced wood which is sourced in Ireland. Constructed only with glue and pegs - no nails or screws - and child-safe paints. We have cars, tractors and trucks in the loveliest colours available. 

    #5. Tiny Bioplastic Pounding Bench

    This lovely pounding bench in beautiful subdued natural shades stimulates the fine motor skills and invites play and learning. The pounding bench is manufactured in Denmark and made from sugar cane. The product is thus 100% reusable and of 100% sustainable raw materials.

    #6. Minitivity - portable wooden activity station

    Our Minitivity toy keeps your little one entertained at home or even on the go. Three colourful play areas with brightly coloured toothed cogs, teetering, waving pegs and agile bell turners guarantee endless fun and entertainment for your baby.

    #7. Bioblo Eco Stacking  Blocks

    These stacking blocks are rainbow-coloured and beautiful. Honeycomb-light and precision-cut, they stack metres high. Children young and old are instantly drawn to them (and so, to be honest, are adults!). The colourful blocks are great for babies and 100% safe. 

    #8. Dantoy Stacking Cups

    This eco-friendly toy set includes 7 stacking cups for little ones to build up and tumble down. Each stacking cup has a different shape and colour – and the shapes make great moulds or cutters for baking cakes or modelling clay. Dantoy BIOplastic Stacking Play Cups double as a fun sandbox or bath toy. 

    #9. Baby loves Earth Boardbook

    A is for Atmosphere, C is for Conservation, and G is for Green in this beautiful ABC book designed to teach very young children how to enjoy and protect our planet. Stunningly illustrated with a cut-to-white aesthetic, each pocket-sized book is the perfect introduction to a key topic for babies.

    #10. Groceries wooden playset
    These chunky, colourful play food helps your baby to better understand colours, shapes, patterns and names of different food. Through imaginative role play they will develop their communication and social skills, which over time will boost their confidence. 


    Our Sustainable Gift Guide for Age 1 - 3 

    #1. Rubens Barn Tummies - organic, warming/cooling doll

    Our adorable Rubens Tummies are hugging experts and are ready to provide comfort, whether your little ones need to warm up or cool down. They have a removable wheat bag you can heat for cosy bedtimes, or cool in the for hot days, fevers, and bruises.  

    #2. Magnetic MagiCube Sets

    The Geomag MAGICUBE system is a fun way for kids aged 1 through 5 to create and build, and to experience magnets. Made in Switzerland from 100% safety-tested and -certified traceable-source recycled plastic (plus magnets), they're dyed not painted, so they'll never chip. 

    #3. Oona and Baba - Puffin Rock Plushie Set
    These beautiful handmade plushies are the perfect gift for little 'Puffin Rock' Fans. Made from organic cotton produced on Fairtrade Farms. Comes in biodegradable packaging and with a lovely card sorting game. 

    #4. BiOBUDDi  building blocks
    Fantastic click together building blocks that are compatible with LEGO Duplo! Instead of using plastic, these blocks are made in Europe using bioplastic made from plants, no petroleum! Great fun for the little ones with lots of options to create.

      #5. Jiminy bio fingerpaint
      Our very own fingerpaint is made from edible ingredients and packed 100% plastic free. Finger painting is a great way for children to explore, learn and develop through sensory play. A Mixable, dilutable, water-based fingerpaint to introduce your little ones to their first art projects.  

      #6. Wooden Role Play Sets
      Made from sustainability-certified wood in Germany, our role play sets are a pefect gift for little doctors and nurses, beautician and handyman in the making. These role play sets are colourful, well designed and made to be fun, educational and useful for your kids' development. 

      #7. Planet-kind Winnie - The Pooh

      This beautiful Winnie the Pooh brings to life A.A Milne's whimsical story-telling. As the perfect cuddly friend for story time, bedtime and playtime, this adorable bear has been created to make sure he gives the best hugs. It is actually made from recycled plastic bottles and recycled plush fabric! We bet you never guessed!

      #8. Dantoy Ice Cream Set
      This lovely ice cream set is a perfect add-on for any playroom toy kitchen and can be played with both indoors and outdoors. This set as well as all our other Dantoy products is produced in Denmark. It is made of BIO plastic made from sugar cane, which is 100% recyclable.

      #9. Ecological Memory Game 'Eating in Season'

      Inspire healthy eating habits with this fun Family Memory Game even your little ones can play already. An original and fun concentration game to learn how to eat healthy and help the environment by choosing seasonal products. And we love it so much as it is totally plastic-free and made with eco-friendly materials including Sustainability-certified* wood and paper, vegetable-based inks, and recycled material.

      #10. Handmade in Ireland wooden cars and trucks
      These gorgeous wooden cars and trucks are made by the lovely Michael in County Galway are made from sustainability-certified wood which is sourced in Ireland. Constructed using only glue and pegs - no nails or screws - and child-safe paint. 



      Our Sustainable Gift Guide for Age 4-5 

      #1. Playmais

      A craft set made of sustainable material, 100% eco-friendly and totally mess-free (no glue needed). PlayMais is made from corn, water and food coloring and is therefore 100% natural, safe and biodegradable. A great set which contributes to making the world a little more sustainable!

      #2. Portable Swing with rope and clips

      Mount this swing to a tree, near the house, in the park, forest, by the river - the possibilities are endless. Made in the Ukraine from sustainability-certified  wood and non-toxic water based paint. Don't forget to bring it along on your outdoor adventures. 

      #3. Playpress push, build and play sets

      We love Playpress! They're extremely well-designed and made. They make us laugh and re-connect with our inner kids. They’re kind to our planet – made in Europe, totally plastic-free, vegan, recyclable and 100% biodegradable. So simple - so perfect!

      #4. BiOBUDDi Building Sets

      Farms, Savannah animals, dinosaurs or simple building blocks set - we have a large choice of BiOBUDDi buildings set to choose from depending on your child's age and interest. Fantastic click together building blocks made from plants which are compatible with LEGO Duplo. 

        #5. Planet-kind Tattoo Sets
        Unicorns, dinosaurs, the jungle or the ocean? Which ones is your favourite? Our tattoo sets come with a set of 10 colourful themed tattoos (temporary). They are safe, non-toxic, made in Europe and great fun!

        #6. 'Roads' - A cooperative Game for Kids & Adults

        Roads is a fun board game for the whole family. The aim is to build the longest road in the world with more than 130 available pieces and various shapes and sizes.A beautiful designed game that encourages your kids to work together while having fun building an exciting network. 

        #7. KeelEco Dinosaurs

        Our KeelEco dinosaurs are a 100% recycled range from Keel Toys. These eco-friendly dinos are manufactured and stuffed with 100% recycled polyester from plastic waste. Weighted with recycled glass beads, these floppy toys have been perfectly designed for hugging by a loving new friend.

        #8. BubbleLab Giant Bubble Kit

        Hours and hours of giant-bubble fun! Just add Fairy washing-up liquid. These bubble sets are perfect for birthday parties, a day on the beach or for some fun and entertainment in your garden. It contains 3 sets of wands and ropes, 2 sachets of magical giant bubble powder and instructions.

        #9. Wooden Planet Puzzle

        This wonderful wooden puzzle will help your child learn about the solar system and the amazing planets within it. An intricate puzzle that'll keep your child absorbed for hours. Made in Europe from sustainability-certified wood. 

        #10. Eco Bath Bombs: Cloud and Stars

        Make bathtime magical with these rainbow-from-a-cloud/star bath bomb.These bath bombs are not only skin safe, but are also safe to drain after your bath is finished as they are biodegradable. Super easy to clean and totally stain free.


        Our Sustainable Gift Guide for Ages 6 to 7 Years

        #1. GEOMAG Magnets Sets

        The Geomag System is a fantastic STEM toy for boys and girls. Made in Switzerland, the magnets are strong and click together very well and the good news is: it is 100% made of recycled plastics! The construction opportunities are endless, all your little ones need is creativity and and a good portion of imagination. 

        #2. Eco Bath Bombs: Educational Solar System Set 

        Create a colourful fizzing bathtime adventure by gently placing these bubbling bath bombs into your bath water and watch them fizz and change the colour of the water. It is so much fun to see it fizzing and releasing special effects once submerged in water!

        #3. Handmade Wooden Catapult

        Back to basics and a touch of wildness with this toy / tool used by humans back to ancient times. A super addition to a family who encourages kids to get outside and use real tools and learn about their risks and benefits. Comes with 2 super-soft pompoms projectiles. 

        #4. Children's Hammock

        This colourful hammock is made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and can be used in children’s bedrooms, the garden or the patio. The hammock can be stored in a handy cotton bag to bring along on staycation trips around the country or simply on adventures in the park or the forest.

          #5. Wooden Spinning Tops
          Handcrafted in a small workshop in the Austrian Alps, these spinning tops are beautifully handmade with great attention to detail and we can guarantee you that not only kids love them! All of the tops are made of sustainably sourced native wood. 

          #6. KeelEco Twinkle Unicorn

          Our KeelEco Twinkle Unicorn is an eco-friendly soft toy manufactured and stuffed with 100% recycled polyester from plastic waste. Weighted with recycled glass beads, these floppy toys have been perfectly designed for hugging by a loving new friend.

          #7. Recycle Rally Board Game

          Learn how to recycle in a playful way with this new boardgame. Children race through the city streets to collect as many objects as possible and take them to the correct recycling areas. Players learn to recognize various types of materials and how to properly recycle them.

          #8. Bioblo Eco Rainbow Stacking Blocks

          These stacking blocks are rainbow-coloured and beautiful. Honeycomb-light and precision-cut, they stack metres high. Children young and old are instantly drawn to them.  There are endless ways to express and expand your imagination with Bioblo!

          #9. Playmais Make your own Masks Kit

          Our PlayMais Masks Kit offers endless creativity ideas. This set comes with 6 blanks to create your own fabulous masks. Either follow the instructions or come up with your own creations. There is no need for glue with this set. All you need is your imagination and a little water.

          #10. Linkilonk Activity Tubes

          This made-in-Ireland product was designed by mum Amie.  And the beautiful Irish wildlife characters will inspire them to get creative and hands-on while discovering Ireland’s beautiful landmarks.


          Our Sustainable Gift Guide for Ages 8 to 9 Years 

          #1. das.Brett bouncy wooden Balance Board

          das.Brett supports intuitive, imagination play and exercise for children, and also fitness for teens and adults. Children will balance, wobble, kneel, or lie on the board. They'll turn it into a slide, a bridge, or a pirate ship! The simplicity of the design stimulates their creativity!

          #2. GEOMAG Mechanics

          A fantastic gift to encourage children's creativity and inventiveness. Our Mechanics Gravity are all part of the 'Easy Combo System'. This means that these building sets can be combined to build even bigger circuits.

          #3. Jumping Bands

          Did you play "Elastics" when you were younger? With this fantastic set of jumping bands it's time to bust out the old moves again and show them off to your little people (you might get addicted to it again yourself!)

          "England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, inside, outside, on the rails!"

          #4. History Heroes Card Games

          Award winning card game for all ages - from 8 to 80+ about who made history, how & when. 40 fantastically illustrated cards on a specific topic. We stock Sports, Artists, Inventors, Women in History and Kids who helped to change the world. 

            #5. Wooden Mechanical Models
            Made in Poland from sustainability-certified wood and packed in cardboard only. A great project for children and adults.  

            #6. Binabo flexible construction stripes

            The first flexible construction toy we've found...and it's made in Europe from plants, not petroleum. Each set comes with a booklet of step-by-step guides for a few builds, then lots of inspiration to start your creativity. 

            #7. Interactive Flipbook: Dots and Lines 

            Dots & Lines is an interactive Flipbook  based on the classic puzzle game ‘Connect the Dots’.Connect the dots page by page and then – flip it! Check out the surprising “magic trick” that lets you switch between 6 different sequences. 

            #8. Dinos Explorer Puzzle

            This is a puzzle for real Dinosaurs lovers! Once the puzzle is completed, it's time to find out more. The puzzle is complemented with cardboard wheels that, once fixed on the dinosaur, will provide lots of interesting information about each of the species.

            #9. Old-world wooden toys - with a modern twist!

            Catapults, skipping ropes, bowling / skittles, yoyos - all handmade in Barcelona, painted in gorgeous modern colours, in a stylish gift box

            Old-world wooden toys

            #10. Made in Ireland Paper Pet Kit

            Made in Ireland. Cut, score, fold, glue and...ta-daaah, you did it, your very own paper pet to hang or play with! These take about 2 hours to make and then look wonderful plain white or painted/collaged and/or hung from the ceiling.


            Our Sustainable Gift Guide for Age 10+ and Adults

            #1. 'Learn a new Craft' Kits

            We have a lovely collection of craft kits for older kids and adults including a beautiful flower press, an image transfer kit, a 'make your own notebooks' set and a lovely kit for learing how to do wet felting. They are all made in Spain and we think you will love them as much as we do. 

            #2. Plantable Experience Gift Cards

            Gift an experience this Christmas - written on a cute "gift voucher" they can plant to grow wildflowers! Made from a recycled paper pulp which whilst drying has living seeds added to it. Bury it under 2cm of soil, water it, and watch your wildflowers bloom. 

            #3. das.Brett bouncy wooden Balance Board

            das.Brett supports intuitive, imagination play and exercise for children, and also fitness for teens and adults. Teens and adults use it for high- and low-intensity exercise, to improve their agility, endurance, strength, balance and coordination. 

            #4. STABILO Woody 3 in 1 Pencils

            Colouring pencil, water colour or wax crayon? The STABILO woody 3 in 1 makes the decision easy, because it can do it all. Young artists will be able to draw and paint to their hearts’ content. Made in Germany and packaged in a PEFC-certified cardboard box.

              #5. Tualoop wooden loop-and-sticks outdoor game
              Tualoop is a addictive outdoor game that'll help you stay fit and have fun together! Unlike anything we've ever played with before, the ring is a cross between a frisbee and a ball - and the crossed-sticks-release way of projecting it is a skill we want to practice!

              #6. Wooden World Map - Wall Decoration

              A wooden map puzzle you'll enjoy assembling and then enjoy having on your wall. It comes with adhesive tape for easy mounting. A fun little DIY project to enjoy for parents and kids together. Made in Europe from sustainability-certified birch plywood. 

              #7. Make your own Chocolate Truffles Kit 

              Be your very own Chocolatier with this tasty chocolate truffle making kit, handmade in Co. Cork. Our Truffle Making Kit makes a very special gift for any birthdays and Christmas. It is also great to use as an activity entertainment idea for kid's birthday parties. 

              #8. Hammock made of 100% recycled plastic

              This kids-and-adults hammock is made of 100% recycled materials  and is great for outdoor and indoor use. Comes with stuff sack for storing plus everything you need to hang it from trees. With 4 trees planted for each hammock.

              #9. The Wave Puzzle

              A real challenge for restless minds. This beautiful puzzle for adults has 1000 pieces and depicts the famous painting ‘The Great Wave’ by the Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai. Dare to challenge the 1000 pieces of this famous work?

              #10. Wooden Mystery Box

              This mystery box opens with a key only and has a storage space inside for storing something very special. It is a wonderful piece of engineering in which everything works smoothly. It's glue free and made of laser cut plywood.


              Sustainable Gift Guide for Gifts Several Kids / the Whole Family can Share

               Browse our gifts to share collection here.


              About us
              I started Jiminy in 2018 as my environmental activism. I was sick of the plastic wrapped in plastic shipped 22,000km from China. I wanted to make it easy for people like me to get locally-made toys from natural or recycled materials.

              Jiminy exists to inspire a playfully sustainable world...thanks for being part of that!


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