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Giant bubbles

30-second videos of tips and tricks for AMAZING giant bubbles on our Bubble University page here.

We stock 2 brands of giant bubbles:

  1. Dr Zigs in Wales is run by the lovely Paola and her son Ziggy (now 12). They make some of the best giant bubble toys in the world, with a unique focus on ethical and eco-friendly.
  2. BubbleLab is an innovative kit made in the Netherlands, with a powder you mix with water and Fairy washing-up liquid, rather than a liquid bubblemix. This eliminates plastic bottles and shipping of liquids (hurrah!)
Kit # people making bubbles at once Giant bubble rope? Large multi-bubble rope? Other kit? Wand length Litres bubble mix (diluted) Colour / scent of bubble mix
My First Giant Bubble Kit 1 1 25cm 1 None
My First Loads of Bubbles Kit 1 1 25cm 1 None
BubbleLab Basic 1 1 30cm 5 None
Jumbo Eco-Bubble Kit 2 1 1 40cm 3 None
Sensory Eco-Bubble Kit 3 1 1 * Mini multi-rope;
*Foamer; and
* Hand wand.
40cm 3 * Red / berries;
* Yellow / citrus; and
* Blue / mountain.
BubbleLab Party 3 3 30cm 15 None
Celebration or Memorial Kit 4 2 2 * 2 pairs 25cm
* 2 pairs 40cm
5 None
Over the Head in a Bubble Kit 1 team of 2 people Over-the-head wands and rope 60cm 3 None