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Giant bubbles

Dr Zigs in Wales is run by the lovely Paola and her son Ziggy (now 12). They make some of the best giant bubble toys in the world, with a unique focus on ethical and eco-friendly. We also offer many of these sets to BORROW and return to us! See here.

BubbleLab is an innovative kit made in the Netherlands, with a powder you mix with water and Fairy washing-up liquid, rather than a liquid bubblemix. This eliminates plastic bottles and shipping of liquids (hurrah!)

Kit # people making bubbles at once Giant bubble rope? Large multi-bubble rope? Other kit? Wand length Litres bubble mix (diluted) Colour / scent of bubble mix
My First Giant Bubble Kit 1 1 25cm 1 None
My First Loads of Bubbles Kit 1 1 25cm 1 None
BubbleLab Basic 1 1 30cm 5 None
Jumbo Eco-Bubble Kit 2 1 1 40cm 3 None
Sensory Eco-Bubble Kit 3 1 1 * Mini multi-rope;
*Foamer; and
* Hand wand.
40cm 3 * Red / berries;
* Yellow / citrus; and
* Blue / mountain.
BubbleLab Party 3 3 30cm 15 None
Celebration or Memorial Kit 4 2 2 * 2 pairs 25cm
* 2 pairs 40cm
5 None
Over the Head in a Bubble Kit 1 team of 2 people Over-the-head wands and rope 60cm 3 None