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Repair Hacks

Our "keep it out of the bin" hacks (see our most popular 30-second repair videos here):

  • FixIts: moldable, reusable 3D printing with your hands! Replaces parts (zip-pulls, bag buckles, lunchbox handles). Repairs rigid or rough-surface things (glasses, torn woven-fabric backpacks, scissor handles, tools);
  • Sugru: one-time moldable glue - dries into a flexible silicone rubber. Fixes worn / scuffed / separating shoes, cracked wellies, flexible cords;
  • Gorilla Crystal Clear Tape: waterproof, airtight superglue tape. Fixes plastic backpacks, raincoats, paddling pools, even cracked mobile phones!

FixIts are made from plants, reusable, and compostable so very eco in themselves. Sugru and Gorilla Tape is not at all eco in themselves, but keep things out of bins and in use.

One other repair hack we no longer stock but you probably have at home already is superglue - for bits the above 3 can't take care of!