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I am eight

...and I am great! Larger gifts below, for stocking- or Advent-calendar-fillers, see here.

For age 8 we love: 

  • Flipbooks about the first moon landing, flipbooks to colour-in, and blank ones to create for yourself;
  • FSC Papercraft Kits: beautiful butterflies, ice creams, sailboats, and cacti (that don’t sting!) for happy kitchen-table crafting;
  • History Heroes, an award-winning card game about the stand-out sportspeople, women, children, inventors, artists, scientists, space and more;
  • Geomag Mechanics Race Track - a recycled-plastic interactive marble run using magnets for cool effects; 
  • das.Brett, the most versatile wooden toy: imagination play, obstacle courses, exercise, yoga - exercise that feels like play (and everyone at home will use it too, from toddlers to older adults!);
  • Bio Cosmetics Lab - a recycled-materials home laboratory with certified-organic ingredients for bath foam, body creams and soaps; 
  • Inclusive outdoor fun with our old-school, "2-3 people jumping at once" Skipping Ropes made of FSC wood and 100% cotton;
  • ‘Learn a new Craft' kits including felting, weaving, making bracelets and necklaces; 
  • Wildlife Wonders Colouring book from #1 bestselling illustrator Millie Marotta, perfectly paired with our Stabilo GREEN FSC colouring pencils.