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Several kids

We love eco-toys that occupy more than one kid at the same time! Even better if they can play together, despite being different ages.

When there's more than one kid in the house, we recommend:

  • Bioblo - a hit from babies up to about age 10 - used differently at different ages;
  • das.Brett bouncy balance board - toddlers, kids, tweens, teens, adults, and older adults all enjoy this, in different ways - play, yoga, fitness, mobility and balance;
  • Cooperative games - win or lose together as a team (not the eldest every time);
  • Games with multiple difficulty/age levels like Gym Animo;
  • Stick-lets - imagine and build together, outdoors or indoors;
  • Outdoor play-together games - elastics, bowling, 2-3-person jump ropes, bioplastic frisbees, or Tualoop;
  • Giant bubbles!
    • Jumbo Kit: 2 kids can make bubbles at once;
    • Sensory Kit and BubbleLab Party Kit both allow 3 kids to make bubbles at once;
    • All other bubble kits, 1 kid can make bubbles for the rest to pop! Or add an extra wand-and-rope. See our full bubble range here;
  • Shadow theatres - up to 3 'actors' can perform in each show!
  • Growing kits - for a shared pet plant (maybe even a magical one!);
  • Wooden role play sets to run a cafe or doctor's surgery together;
  • STABILO Woody solid-paint pencils for fun decorating windows (or wellies, stones, leaves , sticks, even paper!)

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