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  • Diversity in (eco) toys

    It's important our kids see themselves - others who are different to them - in their toys.
  • Plastic-free where?

    People are talking about toy plastic, and this is good. But what we need to be talking about and aren't yet is toy miles. >80% of toys come from...
  • Plastic-free how?

    So what are the alternatives to new petroplastics in toys? Natural materials: Exciting new bioplastics - materials that look and behave like pla...
  • Plastic-free what?

    The plastic in toys is usually obvious! *But* you mightn't have realised there's hidden plastic in most (but not ours!): Crayons. Most are made f...
  • Plastic-free why?

    Why are we a plastic-free toy company? Because plastic toys are polluting to produce, can't be recycled, and some are even toxic.