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Welcome to Jiminy's Bubble University!

Our best insider tips for getting the MOST MAGICAL FUN from your giant bubbles! Browse them all here.

But first what are the benefits from giant bubbles? Sooooo many! Including: balance, gross motor skills, muscle tone, time outdoors, playing together, communication, fine motor skills, grasping, pouring, measuring, science (bubbles are both physics and chemistry!), patience, mindfulness, achievement, confidence...and of course heaps and heaps of JOY!

Giant Bubbles Tip #1: Choose a water-tight container with a lid. A used food container, or a water-tight lunchbox, can work well.

Giant bubbles tip #2: Bubbles are like baking - you have to measure, don't estimate.

Resist the temptation to dilute under the tap!

Use the empty bubblemix bottle (or another container with accurate measurement like a baking liquids measuring cup).

If your bubblemix is:

  • 5x concentrate: Add 4 measures of water for each 1 measure bubblemix contentrate (because 4x + 1x = 5x);
  • 10x concentrate: Add 9 measures of water for each 1 measure bubblemix contentrate (because 9x + 1x = 10x);
  • "Ready to Go": don't add any water, it's ready to use!

Giant bubbles tip #3: There are different types of wands:

Giant bubbles tip #4: don't put all your eggs in one basket! Divide your bubblemix into a few containers and just put one out for the kids at one time - so you have a back-up in case someone kicks-over the bucket!

Giant bubbles tip #5: Check out our range of bubblemix refills:

Giant bubbles tip #6: How much bubblemix do you need? 1 litre of bubblemix = 1 hour of continuous bubble-making

Giant bubbles tip #7: Try our scented bubblemixes! They're a sensory delight!

Giant bubbles tip #8: Dip, drip, open! Put the entire rope (and the ends of your wands) into the bubblemix. Lift it above the bucket and let it drip back into the bucket - wait for the big drips to have stopped before you open it and let your giant bubbles take flight!

Giant bubbles tip #9: Open-close! If you want your giant bubbles to float away, you need to 'seal them up' by closing the rope. Sometimes they'll do this themselves without you closing the rope, but other times your "giant bubble caterpillar" will just pop before separating itself from your rope. So open-close, open-close, and enjoy watching your giant bubble creations float away!

Compare our two giant bubble starter kits - Dr Zigs Make Giant Bubbles (My First Giant Bubble Kit), and BubbleLab Basic.

In summary, Dr Zigs is more 'pro', BubbleLab is more DIY - both are very popular.

Browse all our bubble bits and kits here.

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