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I am four I am so much more! Larger gifts below, for smaller gifts click here.

For age 4 we love:

  • FSC Wooden Food Play Sets for imagination and role play including our lovely Tea Set and our Grocery Set. Made in Germany from sustainable wood; 
  • Rainbow-coloured wooden Spinning Tops, handmade in Austria with 6 difficulty levels;
  • das Brett balance board: it's an obstacle course, a boat, a cosy reading corner, a rocking horse, and a move-your-body equipment they'll use through tweens and teens (and you'll use it too);
  • Playpress flatpacked press-build-play toys especially the farm and Gruffalo;
  • Open-ended construction toy Bioblo (they'll use it till they're about 9 years old);
  • Board games especially cooperative ones (us together against the game, not me against you);
  • Books about nature especially the GYI Know-it Almanac: the ultimate family guide to growing and cooking food throughout the year;
  • Activity tubes, big colour-in playhouses, 3D colour-in pirate ships, palaces, and working frisbees;
  • Shadow theatres for simpler-times imagination play and storytelling;
  • Big bioplastic 'sandbox' toys: trucks, ice cream sets, baking sets (food-safe);
  • Craft kits and art materials (all non-toxic or even from edible ingredients);
  • Certified-Organic Facepaint & Hair Mascara designed especially for sensitive skin, made in Italy, and packed in clever cardboard displacing most plastic.