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We need wild bees to pollinate our food. But a third of Ireland's 99 species are at risk of extinction. Luckily, we can all help.

How to save the bees in 2 easy steps:

#1 Give them flowers: Green fields and manicured lawns are like a barren desert for bees. They need flowers, including hedge and tree flowers, so:

  • Mow grass less often. Wait until April for your first grass cut to allow some Dandelions to flower. Let a strip of your lawn (or the whole lawn) grow back to a native meadow over the summer. Then in September, mow and remove the cuttings;
  • Let your hedgerows flower;
  • Plant pollinator-friendly plants like lavender. rosemary, or dahlias and trees (like our planting kits below);

#2 Don't poison them: Replace synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, and neonicotinoids with natural alternatives. Say no to Roundup!

The All Ireland Pollinator Plan doesn't encourage seed bombs, interestingly. It's more about getting out of nature's way and letting her do her thing. Their guides are here.