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Jiminy Eco Toys is an eco-specialist toy company, retailing and distributing the earth-kindest toys across Ireland & the UK.

Named after Pinocchio's conscience Jiminy Cricket, it's the brainchild of Dublin mum Sharon Keilthy. Sharon found toy shopping for her daughter frustrating. Nearly everything was plastic wrapped in plastic, shipped 22,000km from China. So in 2018 Sharon left her senior role at an American multinational and set up Jiminy to give eco-minded customers more options.

Sharon says: "My vision is an eco-section in every toyshop. I want to do something for the environment. Instead of complaining about how eco-unfriendly toys are, I figured, why not use my business experience and be the toy company I hope the others will become? This is my eco-activism, activism through business."


The toy industry is just starting towards sustainability:

  1. Unsustainable materials: 90% of toys are still from new plastic:
    • Extracting and refining the oil to make this releases so much CO2, it would take 1 billion trees[1] to absorb it all;
    • Some plastics and the chemicals that make them are toxic. A 2017 test by four EU countries of 104 Chinese-made plastic toys found illegal levels of chemicals in over 30%[2];
    • Most plastic toys are mixed materials and can't be recycled.
  2. High toy-miles: 80% of toys are made in China - that's 22,000km of transport, adding another 20% to their carbon footprint.

Jiminy Eco Toys offers a refreshing alternative:

  • Sustainable materials: Natural materials - not just wood but also innovative bio-plastics (100% from plants), recycled cardboard, and paper - or safe recycled plastics.
  • Low toy-miles: Made in Europe - a maximum of 2,000km 'toy-miles' - 10 times fewer than China.
Jiminy's eco toys are also educational...well-designed and well-made...and fun!
Here's great overview video about us, made by the EU:


[1] https://jiminy.ie/blogs/news/plastic-free-why

[2] https://chemtrust.org/phthalates-human-health/