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Soft toys

Rubens Barn are earth-kind, soft, empathic dolls that will last a childhood of play. The lines we stock are made from 100% organic cotton and 100% recycled filling:

  • Mini EcoBuds have a tree responsibly planted in the doll's name.
  • Tummies have a removable hot/cold organic wheatbag for cosy sleeptimes and to cool fevers and bruises.

And our organic-cotton wrap-style kids' slings are an adorable accompaniment.

Keel Toys are a long standing soft toy maker that just started some lines made from 100% recycled materials:

  • 100% recycled polyester (from used plastic drinks bottles) for the outer and stuffing;
  • 100% recycled glass for weight inside;
  • Even the tags are recycled!

Soft toys, like clothing, are labour-intensive so rarely made in Europe anymore. All these toys (like Squishmallows!) are made in China, 22,000km away from Ireland. We've compromised on our "locally-made" eco principle to at least bring you soft toys that meet our "natural or recycled materials" eco principle. Maybe we need a 'Slow Soft Toys' movement, like 'Slow Fashion' - read more here.