Paying with Jiminy gift cards / vouchers, One4All, and Book Tokens

Jiminy gift cards / vouchers

If you have a Jiminy gift card / voucher, just order as normal online and enter the 16-character code in the 'Gift card or discount code' box during checkout (on the same page that asks for credit card / PayPal details).

If you'd like to buy a Jiminy gift card / voucher, you can choose between:

  • e-voucher, that will be emailed to you instantly once you check-out. You can forward to your giftee; or
  • Physical voucher we'll send to you or your giftee in the post, for them to use online. 

One4All gift cards

We accept One4All gift cards

If you have a One4All gift card, type the card number, expiry, and CVV2 at checkout as if it were a credit card.⁣⁣⁣⁣
The gift card balance has to cover your full order. Check your balance here.

And anti-money-laundering laws say the full order value has to be under €50.⁣
But to split your order and pay part by One4All, and the rest by credit card or PayPal, just checkout selecting 'Electronic Funds Transfer' instead of credit card or PayPal (you won't be charged) and then send us a message. We'll email you 2 separate links to click and pay...happy days!⁣

Book Tokens

We are a proud member of the Booksellers Association (BA) and can accept National Book Tokens gift cards - but only over the phone. The BA is working on technology to allow independent stores like us to accept them online also - watch this space!

To pay an order (in part or in full) using National Book Tokens, please:

  1. Checkout selecting 'Electronic Funds Transfer' instead of credit card or PayPal (you won't be charged); and then
  2. Call us on +353-1-8512047 or send us a message.