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das.Brett for teen and adult yoga and fitness

If anyone at home has a das.Brett balance board, do get some time on it yourself!

das.Brett is unique in being bouncy, making it a popular prop for teen and adult yoga and at-home fitness.

It even comes with a booklet of 65 moves (that you can also download here) which is definitely for the teens and adults (kids don't need instructions to have fun with das.Brett!)

The below 17 instructional videos were recorded by professional yoga teachers who use das.Brett in their classes. We find them calming and easy to follow.

For extra comfort on your hands and feed, add die.Rollen cork handles.

Grasshopper pose with das.Brett:


Dancer pose with das.Brett:


Goddess pose with das.Brett:


Crow pose with das.Brett:


Boat pose (advanced) with das.Brett:


Seated forward bend with das.Brett:


Boat pose (supported) with das.Brett:


Halfmoon pose (supported) with das.Brett:


Dynamic forward bend with das.Brett:


Sun salutation with das.Brett:


Dynamic side bend with das.Brett:


Warrior 3 with das.Brett:


Cat and cow with das.Brett:


Child's pose with das.Brett:


Heel seat pose with das.Brett:


Pidgeon pose with das.Brett:


Using das.Brett as a meditation stool:


Which finish should I choose?


Choose with cork for:

  • Stone / tiled / wood floors
  • Frail / nervous users

Choose without cork for:

  • Carpet / grass
  • Tweens / teens - carpet surfing is fun!
Choose oiled for a warmer feel

Choose lacquered for frequent washing e.g., in a school

das.Brett: lacquered with cork das.Brett: lacquered without cork

Which size should I choose?

das.Brett only comes in one size - it's good for kids and adults, up to 19 stone (120kg) bodyweight.


For extra comfort on your hands and feet, add die.Rollen cork handles.

Where can I order?

das.Brett bouncy wooden balance / wobble board

€104.99 - €138.99 depending on finish

die.Rollen - natural cork 'handles' for das.Brett


Do you use das.Brett yourself?

Oh yes! We love ours :-)

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