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My name is Sharon, I live in Dublin, and I'm an eco-nut and mother to an adorable little girl. I noticed our neighbours' kids always had painted nails and I wondered, "What's in that?" Once I looked into it and read about the harm to health of the chemicals in regular nail polish, I decided, we could do better than that! I went looking for the world's best kids' nail polish...and was delighted to find Piggy Paint!

This glamorous lady and fantastic entrepreneur is Melanie Hurley, a.k.a. Queen Piggy! She invented Piggy Paint in 2008, when her daughters were 2 and 4 years old and loved painting their nails. Their hands were always in their mouths, she worried about them ingesting the polish. And the strong solvent smell gave her headaches. One day while painting nails over a foam plate, a glob of solvent-based polish fell onto the plate, bubbled and “ate” through it. That spurred her to invent a safer alternative...and Piggy Paint was born.

Piggy Paint is water-based - in fact, it has only 4 ingredients: water, neem oil, an adhesive, and the relevant colourant. [Check the list on a traditional polish...I count 18 ingredients in expensive ones, 30 ingredients in average ones!] Being solvent-free, there's no odour. And most importantly, there no endocrine-disrupting chemicals, like TPHP which is in a shocking number of popular brands. In fact, Piggy Paint is the #1 safest nail polish according to the American EWG.

After painting nails, set a timer and blow them with a warm hairdryer for just 60 seconds - then Piggy Paint will last as long as a traditional polish.


More recently, I realised, not every kid (or parent) wants a polish that's durable. Some people prefer to be able to paint on, then just peel off. Especially kids whose schools ban nail polish. So again I went looking...and found a non-toxic, water-based peel-off polish that's made locally in France: Miss Nella!

Miss Nella isn't really sold in the USA yet and so is not yet rated by the American EWG (I hope we'll get it rated asap). But based on its ingredients, each of which I've checked on their website, I expect a 1-2 (lowest-risk) rating. It has 13 ingredients - more than Piggy Paint, but still far fewer than a typical polish. And it's 11-free, i.e., no nasties.

Both Piggy Paint and Miss Nella are vegan and cruelty-free.

Painting my daughter's nails with Piggy Paint and Miss Nella is free of worry and full of colourful, feel-good fun! I know it will be for you too.