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De-confusing bioplastics

"Is this bioplastic toy truck compostable / biodegradable?" (No and you wouldn't want it to be!)

I hear this question a lot. It shows how (understandably) confused people are about bioplastics. Let's clear-up the confusion!

We hear conflicting things about "bioplastic" but what most people miss is, it's not 1 material! There are lots of bioplastics:

  1. Some biodegrade (some don't, like our toys, and that's good - a toy should be hard-wearing and not melt in the bath / sea);
  2. Some can't be recycled (but many can, like our toys, at civic amenity centers);
  3. Some are made from petroleum (but most from plants, like our toys - good for climate);
  4. Some are made from food (but most not - our toys are from agri-waste).

Click here for our bioplastic collection: frisbees, Duplo-compatible blocks, sandbox trucks, baby stacking cups, ice cream role play sets, lunchboxes and water bottles, even re-moldable FixIt sticks!

Is bioplastic "the answer" for sustainable-new toys? Not alone - there isn't enough of it (yet). But it's part of it, so we're glad to support the pioneering toy-makers using it.

4 categories of plasticBiodegradability can be good or bad

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