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About us

Sustainable Toys Action Consultancy (STAC) is a multidisciplinary group of professionals in the toy and plastics industries. We have joined forces to ease the sustainability journey for toy companies through awareness, education and actionable solutions.  

Sharon Keilthy, founder and CEO of Jiminy Eco Toys and Eco-Toy Activist in Chief

An engineer, accomplished management consultant, and serial entrepreneur, the 2018 IPCC report on climate change made Sharon reframe herself as an environmental activist. So she started the world’s first eco-activist toy store in Ireland, which now stocks over 750 climate-neutral, minimal-waste toys. She has learned more than she ever expected about “sustainable” toys. Her eco-toys speech is on the curriculum of the world’s only toy design degree at the prestigious Otis College, Los Angeles. She sits on the American Toy Association Sustainability Committee.

Harald Kaeb, founder and CEO of Narocon Innovation Consulting and Polymers Mastermind

Harald has very good analytical capabilities (chemist PhD Würzburg University) and loves to apply all his experiences and learnings from a 25 years time period and work as an independent business consultant in his professional fields: Biobased and circular materials to end the age of fossil fuels in the material world.

He had shaped the European Bioplastics industry organisation for more than 10 years and is (has been?) a knowledge and sparring partner to support large and smaller industries developing, producing, marketing or using more sustainable polymers, plastics and materials. He gave hundreds of presentations, workshops and trainings and loves to communicate and find solutions. And he invented the bioTOY conference because he is the biggest fan of more sustainable toys and children with great perspectives.

Sonia Sánchez, founder and CEO of Impact & Sustainability Consultancy and Sustainability Strategy Mastermind

Passionate about the power of sustainability and purpose to elevate brands and the  toys’  potential for positive impact, Sonia founded the first sustainability consultancy fully dedicated to the toy industry.  Expert in sustainability strategy and circular economy,   toy makers and industry associations advisor and B Corp catalyst. Author of “Changing the World, TOY BY TOY” and,  in a past  life, product manager in a leading company in the child industry in Spain.

Our Services

Sustainable Toys Conference 

The first Sustainable Toys Conference is on the way! 

Early 2023, this inspiring and educational  event  will bring together toy makers, designers, distributors and sustainable materials suppliers to foster action and collaboration and ease the sustainability journey for toy companies. 

More information coming soon; register your interest by emailing hello@sustainabletoys.eu.

Sustainability Consultancy

Coming soon

Why we are doing this

Our Mission

  • A world where ‘sustainable’ is just normal for toys; 
  • A toy industry that contributes to a thriving environment for future generations.

Our Vision

  • By 2025, 75% of toy makers have a clear vision and strategy for achieving Net Zero and Zero Waste;
  • By 2030, 75% of toy makers have achieved that.

Our Values:

  • Our main client is the Earth and future generations;
  • We collaborate and inclusive;
  • We are transparent;
  • We are science-based;
  • We are positive and hopeful.

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