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Eco paint

We have 4 types of paint - all super eco, all non-toxic and super-safe for kids - in fact, 3 of them are made entirely from edible ingredients!

  1. Jiminy bio-paint: rich, creamy fingerpaint. Made in Germany from all edible ingredients. In a reusable glass jar!
  2. Watercolours: Made in Germany from all edible ingredients. Lid tells you from which vegetable, fruit, or other natural substance each colour is made!
  3. Natural Earth Paints: powder paint - avoids shipping water around. Just add water - less for thick paint, more for watercolour painting. Make-up as much as you need (it'll stay good for several weeks). Made in USA (we wish it were closer!) from all edible ingredients. In biodegradable bags (upgrading to home-compostable NatureFlex soon).
  4. STABILO Woody solid-paint pencils: Work on wellies, stones, windows, and on paper you can smudge and mix with a wet paintbrush. Made in Germany from all non-toxic (but can't say edible) ingredients, none of which are petroleum-derived.

Our eco paintbrushes are handmade in Germany's longest-running brush factory from all natural materials except the vegan hairs are nylon.