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(Easily) Fix That Cracked Phone Screen!

Fix a cracked screen at home in 2 minutes with Gorilla Crystal Clear superglue tape.


Make sure:

  1. The strip of tape is longer than the phone as shown to avoid fingerprints between tape and phone; and
  2. To rub the tape down onto the phone aggressively especially at the edges.


Gorilla tape is not remotely eco in itself. But it's very eco in keeping much bigger items out of the bin!


Gorilla tape is super for fixing sheets like tents, paddling pools, down jackets, etc. It's one of several repair-hacks (see here) we now stock, along with:

  • FixIts moldable bioplastic to make spare parts and fix rigid things;
  • Sugru to fix rubbery flexible things and to stick onto surfaces;
  • Gorilla Gel Superglue for crafts and, well, supergluing things together!


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