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(Easily) Fix That Broken Flip-Flop!

Don't bin it...fix it in 2 minutes with this easy hack: FixIts.


FixIts are super for making replacement parts, fixing rigid things, or where they can wrap around something.


They're a moldable bioplastic, made in the UK from plants 🌱💚🌍

  1. Melt in freshly-boiled water
  2. Mold with your hands
  3. Hardens in 2 minutes
  4. Not happy? Back in boiled water to re-mold
  5. At end of life put in the organic waste bin for (industrial, not home) composting ♻️


We also stock these other repair hacks (see here), which unlike FixIts are not eco in themselves (but very eco in keeping much bigger items out of the bin!):

  • Sugru for rubbery things and gluing to walls;
  • Gorilla Tape for tents, mobile phone screens, inflatables, down jackets, anything plastic-sheet-like;
  • Gorilla Gel Superglue for everything else!

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