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(Easily) Fix Anything Around Your Garden!

Sugru is the easy fix for rubbery things, and for "stick something straight to a wall" situations.


It's not eco in itself (made from petrochemicals, packed in non-recyclable composite foil, not reusable, expires after 13 months (or 3 years if kept in fridge)).


But it is waterproof and dishwasher-proof, and keeps way bigger things out of bins!


We also stock FixIts for fixing rigid things, Gorilla Tape for tents, inflatables, phone screens and other sheet-like things, and Gorilla Superglue for everything else.


Only FixIts are eco in their own right (made from plants, reusable, compostable).


See here: https://jiminy.ie/collections/repair


Enjoy your garden!


  • Hi Jen yes! Sugru is great for rubbery items like wellies and dries waterproof, it’s great for fixing holes in wellies or in the soles of shoes.

  • Would any of these products work for tares in wellies?


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