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The Romance of Repair

Staying with my friend Christina, I noticed her snapped-in-two sunglasses sitting in her car. I secretly got them fixed and put them back there, as her thank-you. She nearly cried and said it was the most thoughtful gift she'd ever received.

This Valentine’s, Galentine’s or Palentine’s Day, could you gift something they already own (fixed or improved)?

  • See RepairMyStuff.ie for professional repairs - phones, furniture, appliances, clothes, jewelry, musical instruments;
  • For smaller fixes, see our 4 easy repair hacks: FixIts for rigid things (glasses, high heels, bikes) and missing parts; Sugru for rubbery things (shoes); and Gorilla clear tape for sheets (inflatables, tents, phone screens).!

Or how about an experience gift? Not necessarily a voucher...just imagine their perfect day - like a picnic in their favourite spot - and write on a card. We created experience gift cards which, once 'redeemed', they plant to grow wildflowers!

We also have physical gifts that love them and their environment: vegan, organic, plastic-free chocolate giftsets; 'Love Bug Hug' kid-safe nail polish giftsets; or certified-organic, sensitive-skin cosmetics - hair mascara, face glitter, face paint.

See our Valentine's / Galentine's / Palentine's Day collection here (and join me in a laugh that it includes repair hacks!)

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