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STABILO Woody: 5 Spooky Uses to Decorate for Hallowe'en

We adore STABILO Woody solid-paint pencils because they're so versatile! Made in Germany from sustainable local wood and no plastic, they're the sustainable alternative to paint sticks.


Here are our favourite uses for them around Hallowe'en:

#1. Decorate your windows plastic-free for Hallowe'en with STABILO Woody:


#2. Decorate your pumpkin - then wash and eat it - with STABILO Woody:

#3. Decorate your home plastic-free for Hallowe'en:

...using leaves, stones, old CDs, yes even cardboard or paper - and STABILO Woody:


#4. Make your own masks and costumes using STABILO Woody:

 STABILO Woody decorates a wellie STABILO Woody on paper / cardboard 

#5. You can even use STABILO Woody as face-paint and body-paint:

It's non-toxic - but it doesn't wash off especially easily - for that check-out our sensitive-skin organic face paint pencils.
STABILO Woody as body and face paint

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