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Secondhand September (for KIDS!)

Buying something pre-loved rather than new is wonderful for our planet because:

  • It avoids the carbon emissions and the materials extraction (mining, drilling, chopping-down trees, etc) of making the item new; and
  • It keeps the existing item out of waste.

So here are our practical tips for buying pre-loved for kids in Ireland (and for re-homing the things they're no longer using!)

Get pre-loved toys:

Get (and use) pre-loved LEGO:

This cult toy has special ways to get it pre-loved:

  • BrickLink - we've ordered from there and had a great experience. The set arrived with instructions and all parts - just in a regular brown box instead of the original LEGO box. They mostly come from around Europe but if the child has requested a specific set for a special day and you can't find it in Ireland, this is still much better than buying it new.
  • LEGO-specific Facebook groups like:
  • Adverts.ie / Facebook freecycle groups / Olio app / Freecycle.org
  • The Brickx Club Ireland at St Anne's Park and Herbert Park markets in Dublin

If you got a jumbled mixed bag of LEGO, we recommend BrickIt app which scans your pile of pieces and gives you step-by-step instructions for 100s of builds you can make with what you have. It costs about €50 a year = €4 per month and much cheaper than a new LEGO set.


Borrow or rent toys:

Ownership is over-rated! Check our Irish toy libraries map below;

  • Pink = anyone can use (and many of these post nationwide)
  • Blue = Only available when you're referred by an Occupational Therapist for a child with special needs


Re-home your used toys:

When they're no longer getting love in your home, free-up space for yourself and let another family enjoy them by re-homing - via any of the channels listed above for getting pre-loved toys! 

Pre-loved school stuff:

  • OpeningMinds.ie and also the Book Haven - where you can buy a mixture of new and second-hand books instantly online, and sell used books back to them;
  • The Book Market in Clonmel - submit your booklist and they'll let you know what they have - they also supply new and second hand;
  • SchoolDays.ie - buy directly from other parents (and/or sell your used books / uniforms);
  • Schooly - buy / sell / freecycle books and uniforms;
  • Offfer and ask for pre-loved books in parent WhatsApp groups.

Pre-loved kids' clothes in Ireland:

  • Lovely Things - we at home are happy customers and know the owner Laura
  • Flopsy Shop - we at home are happy customers and know the owner Rachel
  • KindFolk - we haven't ordered yet but the range looks gorgeous and we know the owner Orla
  • Thriftify - kids' section of a site that local charity shops sell on - each charity shop will send the items separately
  • Ask friends and family...we have benefitted from hand-me-downs from one friend and enjoyed them hugely!


What other tips would you add? Thanks in advance!

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