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DPD return to us of your borrowed item - jiminy eco-toys

DPD return to us of your BORROW / RETURN item

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If you're ordering some of our party borrows, and want us to have DPD collect them when you're done, add this to your basket and let us know when you're ready for their collection.

This costs less than walking-in to a post office to send it back, and saves you having to go anywhere!

Please note: DPD will just take the parcel, put on a label, and put it into a huge sorting hub. They will not seal it up. They will not lovingly transport it back to us on a platter. It will be tossed and flipped-over and thrown about! So please:
  • Pack your item back into the box it came in
  • Fill any empty space with old newspaper etc, and
  • Seal-up the box so nothing gets lost

...thank you!