Nail polish

Piggy Paint is a durable polish - it lasts like an adult polish. But with only 4 ingredients, it's #1 safest of any nail polish (per the American EWG), biodegradable, odourless, solvent-free. And it's touch-dry after 60 seconds of blowing with a warm hairdryer.

SOPHi is the adult version of Piggy Paint - ideal when pregnant, breastfeeding, or minding your health (and/or the environment!)

Nailmatic washes-off so is a more playful polish, also very kid-safe.

They're all vegan and cruelty-free.

Piggy Paint and SOPHi are made in the USA so break our 'made-in-Europe' eco-guideline, but we can't find a European-made equivalent. Nailmatic is made in France.

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