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BiOBUDDi Triceratops - bioplastic building blocks from plants - jiminy eco-toys

BiOBUDDi Triceratops - bioplastic dino building blocks from plants

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Click-together building blocks (very similar to, and compatible with, LEGO Duplo) - made locally in Europe? Without plastic or any petroleum, just plants!?! Yes! That's BiOBUDDi!

BiOBUDDi brings you an eco dinosaur range in their incredible blocks! Go back to prehistoric times with the new tough Triceratops playset from BiOBUDDi. And why not combine it with another set of the Dinosaur theme, such as T-Rex or Stegosaurus to create your very own little dino world.

What it contains
25 building blocks, 6 slot blocks, 7 expression cards, instructions.

Feel great about where it comes from
  • Raw materials from Europe? No - Brazil - we are not thrilled about this because it's far away (transport carbon emissions). But we do have assurance that no rainforest was removed to create the sugarcane fields. The sugarcane for BiOBUDDi is grown in a different region of Brazil far from the Amazon rainforest. The Brazilian government doesn't allow new sugarcane plantations because they feel the country has enough.
  • Organic? Yes - 70% of the sugarcane is organically-grown
  • Manufactured in Europe? Yes - Netherlands
  • What's it made from? Bioplastic (specifically Green PE) - an innovative, carbon-neutral material made from the leftovers after sugarcane is harvested. It's carbon-neutral because plants absorb carbon as they grow - whereas petroleum-based plastic has a carbon footprint of up to 6 times its own weight in CO2. Bioplastic is fully recyclable at end of life along with petro-plastics. Think of it as FairTrade coffee - looks the same, tastes the same, but has a very different impact on the world because of how it's produced.
  • What's it packaged in? Sustainability-certified* cardboard box, bioplastic bag (also made from sugarcane, recyclable including in Ireland)
  • Shipping packaging from manufacturer to us: Cardboard only
  • Plastic-free? 100% free from petroleum-derived plastic - made from bioplastic, see above for the difference
  • Vegan? Yes, vegan friendly
  • Free from testing on animals? Yes
  • Reused upcycled or recycled? No

Feel great about where it goes after you've used it
  • Biodegradable / compostable? Not biodegradable (but still really good for our planet because it's made from plants (not petroleum), can be used for generations and then recycled
  • Reusable / refillable? Yes
  • Recyclable? Yes 100%

Feel great about you and your child using it
  • Great for ages: 1.5 to 6 years
  • Shelf life: Indefinite
  • Awards: UK Toy Shop 2019 Gold Medal; DIN CERTCO certificate of bio-based materials; Baby Innovation Green Award 2019; Eco Excellence 2018 best nursery eco toy; LuxLife Parent & Baby awards 2024
  • Safety standards met: EN71 EU toy safety standards
  • Solvent-free? Yes
  • Gluten-free? Yes
  • Peanut-free? Yes
  • Soy-free? Yes
  • Lactose-free? Yes
  • Easy to wash-off clothes / skin? N/A
  • Improvements we're working on in this product: None, we think it's perfect! But let us know what you think!

* We're not allowed mention which certificate because of bizarre bureaucracy, for details search our site for 'Not allowed to say FSC'.