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I am six

...and I'm clever as clever! Larger gifts below, for smaller stocking fillers click here.

For age 6 we love:

  • Wooden skills toys like rainbow spinning tops, skipping ropes, yoyos, skittles, and catapults;  
  • The iconic Geomag Magnetic Systems, made in Switzerland from recycled plastic. Use the magnetic forces of the rods and spheres to build spinning tops, pyramids, spheres, and architectural wonders; 
  • Playpress Space Station build & play set which comes with printed pre-cut playboard sheets to build 2 astronauts and a very cool space station with a dockable capsule!
  • Binabo Flexible Construction Strips made from plants. Each set comes with a booklet of step-by-steps and inspiration!
  • Recycled-Cardboard Puzzles like the pocket-sized ‘My Tree’ with 2 sides: Autumn and Spring for fun anywhere!
  • Activity Kits including our ‘Design your own organic cotton bag or apron kit’;
  • Books about nature, leadership, and where the two intersect - including from local authors like ‘Break the Mould’ by Sinead Burke;
  • Planting Kits in all shapes and sizes. We especially love ‘Make and Grow your own Origami Animals’;  
  • Colouring Books and a wide range of art suppliers including STABILO Woody all-surface solid-paint pencils, for windows, wellies, rocks, and even paper!