Brown paper plastic-free sticky tape

Brown paper plastic-free sticky tape

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This 2.5cm brown paper sticky tape is a good all-purpose tape, useful for craft projects and packaging. It can be left on packaging for recycling in your green bin.

What it contains: 1 60-metre roll of brown paper tape 2.5 cm wide

Feel great about where it comes from:
* Raw materials from EU? * TBC - TBC
* Organic? TBC
* Manufactured in EU? TBC - TBC
* What's it made from? Kraft paper, adhesive (specifics TBC)
* What's it packaged in? Nothing
* Shipping packaging from wholesaler to us: Plastic sheath
* Plastic-free? Yes 100% including the adhesive
* Vegan? TBC
* Animal-cruelty-free? Yes
* Reused upcycled or recycled? No

Feel great about where it goes after you've used it:
* Biodegradable compostable? Yes 100%
* Reusable refillable? Yes
* Recyclable? Yes

Feel great about you and your child using it:
* Great for ages: All
* Shelf life: Indefinite
* Awards:
* Safety standards met:
* Solvent-free? Yes
* Gluten-free? Yes
* Peanut-free? Yes
* Soy-free? Yes
* Lactose-free? Yes
* Easy to wash-off clothes skin? Yes
* Improvements we're working on in this product: Do without the plastic sheath